Vegan Fried Rice

"This recipe tastes so much like the real thing! I have tried so many different veganized versions of fried rice over the last few years, but they all tasted more like stir fry than fried rice. My whole family love this recipe!"

- Susan

olive oil firm or extra-firm tofu nutritional yeast salt turmeric olive oil onion garlic carrots peas rice green onions low sodium soy sauce) sesame oil



Vegan Fried Rice


4 servings




20 minutes



What can I use instead of tofu?

Another great option is to use a bottle of Just Egg! All you need to do is cook them in the pan as you would scrambled eggs, then set aside on a plate and continue with the recipe, stirring them back in at the end.

Does my rice need to be chilled first?

The recipe will work better with chilled rice, but if you must use warm rice, it’s okay. Make sure it’s not really soggy, rice on the drier side will be better here.

Vegan Fried Rice is hearty enough to serve as the main dish, but can also be served on the side of: