Gluten Free

Chocolate Cake

This is the most amazing gluten free chocolate cake, ever! Decadent, fluffy, perfectly sweetened and easy to make in 1 bowl. No more dry or dense gluten free cakes!

– Anonymous

Never again will you need to suffer through dry or bland gluten free and  vegan cake! My Gluten Free Chocolate Cake comes out of the oven tasting  moist and sweet every time, just like all of your favorite classic cake  recipes.

Slathered in a mouthwatering chocolate buttercream frosting, this is the  best gluten free cake to bring to celebrations, birthday parties, and  the holidays. It’s so easy to make and stores away beautifully.

I strongly recommend using King Arthur Gluten Free Flour for the best results. I tested this recipe with Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 and  it was too dense. This gluten free cake works best using a flour blend  WITHOUT xanthan gum added in order to control the texture.