Red Velvet Cookies

Perfect Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies are easy to make in 1 bowl! With fudgy red centers and a hint of cocoa, it’s hard to stop at just one!

– Anonymous

–Vegan Vanilla Cake – Vegan Custard (Pastry    Cream) – & Chocolate Ganache

These stunning vegan cookies have all the flavors of red velvet cake but in cookie form.

Measure flour correctly

Tips for success

I use the spoon and level method. Spoon flour from container into a measuring cup, then level it off with a knife, without shaking or patting down the flour.

Red food coloring

Tips for success

Use actual red food coloring, not a natural version like beet powder, for the prettiest results.

Natural cocoa powder

Tips for success

While you could use dutch processed cocoa powder, it will result in darker cookies, so they won’t look exactly like mine.

 Vegan red food coloring  

This can be a little confusing, so I’ve done some research for you! McCormick Culinary Red Food Color is vegan friendly. It’s the only decent product I know of that is in fact, vegan.