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Delicious vegan cookies without eggs or dairy?

When you think about making cookies, you probably think about using staples like eggs, butter and milk. But guess what? It’s 100% possible to make vegan cookies taste just as good (or better) than their egg and dairy filled counterparts!

The best thing about making vegan cookies is you can eat the dough without ingesting raw egg! Now you really still shouldn’t eat raw cookie dough because of the flour, but you can always go make this Edible Vegan Cookie Dough and enjoy it to your stomach’s content.

Common substitutes for vegan baking

It’s not hard at all to replace eggs, milk and butter in vegan baking, and cookies are no exception. To replace milk, I usually opt for plain, unsweetened soy milk for the fat and protein content, but I will use almond, cashew, and even oat milk interchangeably.

Butter is a simple replacement. Did you know there are SO MANY quality vegan butter options nowadays? My absolute favorite for flavor and texture is Miyoko’s plant butter. But I use all the brands depending on what’s on sale! Coconut oil also works sometimes.

And for eggs, ground flaxseeds + water make a perfect egg substitute for cookies. Though sometimes I use applesauce, aquafaba, oil or canned pumpkin. Easy peasy!

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