This is my favorite Vegan Meal Prep! Nourish Bowls are balanced, delicious and sure to satisfy at lunch time. Save time and money by meal prepping!

no creamy sauce on glass containers with beans, sweet potatoes, kale and rice

Why meal prep?

  • So you can nourish your body with good food throughout your busy week.
  • To save money! Avoid eating out at lunch time with an easy meal prep that tastes amazing and fills you up.
  • To avoid decision fatigue… Trying to think about what you’re going to eat all the time is exhausting, especially if you are new to a vegan diet.

This is my personal FAVORITE vegan meal prep. I never get tired of eating this combination! I hope you love it as much as I do.

What’s in Nourish Bowls?

  • Brown rice
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Steamed kale
  • Black beans
  • Simple cashew cream
  • & Sriracha or other hot sauce, if desired

How long does this vegan meal prep take?

Give yourself about an hour on a Sunday (or whenever works for you) to get everything prepped and ready for the week. Most of that time is hands off though!

  1. Get your rice cooking and preheat the oven.
  2. Roast the sweet potatoes while the rice is cooking.
  3. Soak the cashews for 5 minutes, then make the cashew cream sauce.
  4. Drain and rinse the black beans.
  5. Steam the kale while the rice and sweet potatoes are cooking.
  6. Then, put it all together! Easy peasy. And you will have good food to eat all week long!

If you are prepping for two (like I am), simply double the recipe.

close up of a container with meal prep - rice, beans, potatoes, etc.

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What kind of containers should I use?

I LOVE these glass meal prep containers. In fact, I have a ton of them now and use them for storing homemade salad dressings, sauces and other leftovers. I also love them for soup, and I freeze food in them sometimes as well!

Also, these little containers are perfect for the cashew cream and/or Sriracha, in case you want to keep that separate until re-heating!

4 containers of vegan meal prep with creamy sauce

Would you like to see more Vegan Meal Prep ideas? Let me know in the comments!

4 containers of vegan meal prep with creamy sauce

Nourish Bowl Vegan Meal Prep

This is my favorite Vegan Meal Prep! Nourish Bowls are balanced, delicious and sure to satisfy at lunch time. Save time and money by meal prepping!
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  • 1 1/2 cups uncooked brown rice
  • 2 medium sweet potatoes
  • 5-6 ounces chopped kale (half of a 10 oz bag)
  • (1) 15-ounce can black beans

Cashew Cream

  • 1 1/2 cups raw cashews
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • Optional: Sriracha hot sauce


  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Cook the rice: Rinse the rice and place it in a medium pot with a lid. Add 3 cups of water and bring to a boil, then simmer on low for 40 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.
  • While the rice is cooking, roast the sweet potatoes: Line a baking pan with parchment paper. Peel and chop the sweet potatoes into 1 inch chunks and place on the pan. Spray lightly with oil or toss with a few tablespoons of olive oil (or omit for oil free) and roast in the oven for 25-30 minutes, until cooked and lightly brown. Remove and set aside.
  • Steam the kale: If you have an Instant Pot, add 1 cup of water to the inner pot and the kale. Secure the lid, make sure it's sealed and cook on high for 3 minutes. Let pressure release, then carefully remove the lid. *Without an Instant Pot, steam the kale in a large pot for 8-10 minutes, until tender.
  • Drain and rinse the black beans and set aside.
  • Make the cashew cream: Soak the cashews in boiling hot water (I heat the water up in a tea kettle and then pour over the cashews) for at least 5 minutes. Drain, then add to a blender with 1 cup of water, garlic and salt. Blend until very smooth. 
  • To assemble the meal prep bowls: In 3-4 cup containers, add about 1/2 cup of cooked rice. Now add 1/3 cup black beans, divide the sweet potatoes and kale into the 5 containers. 
  • Options: Now, you can either add the cashew cream on the top OR keep it in separate small containers and pour the cream on after you re-heat the bowl. I prefer to keep the cream separate until eating, but either way works. 
  • When you are ready to eat, simply warm up the bowl, drizzle with cashew cream and Sriracha. Enjoy!


  1. Nutritional information is for 1 bowl but will greatly vary depending on amounts used and how much cashew cream you put on top.
  2. You could easily swap out ingredients such as using a different grain (quinoa, farro, etc), bean or green leafy vegetable. Another sauce option would be to use Vegan Peanut Sauce instead.


Serving: 1serving, Calories: 557kcal, Carbohydrates: 82g, Protein: 19g, Fat: 19g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Sodium: 724mg, Potassium: 985mg, Fiber: 11g, Sugar: 4g, Vitamin A: 10209IU, Vitamin C: 38mg, Calcium: 121mg, Iron: 6mg

Originally posted April 2018, I have updated this recipe with new photos and better writing February 2020.



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