This Vegan Potato Soup is ultra creamy, comforting and ready in 30 minutes! It’s best loaded with all the toppings: vegan sour cream, green onions, vegan cheese and vegan bacon bits.

close up of a bowl of soup with cheese, sour cream and bacon bits on top

You know those rainy days where the only thing you feel like doing is curling up with a blanket and a hot bowl of comforting soup? Well, I just so happen to have the perfect recipe for the cold and blustery days ahead!

Easy Vegan Potato Soup is so easy to make and comes together in under 1 hour. Naturally gluten and nut free, all you need are a handful of simple ingredients. You can whip up a batch either on the stovetop, in your Instant Pot, or in a slow cooker.

What’s the secret to creamy vegan soup? Coconut milk! Just 1 can of this secret ingredient will give this soup a velvety smooth finish and epic levels of creaminess without the coconut flavor.

Enjoy my vegan potato soup recipe for family dinners, or reheat the leftovers when you’re craving a bowl of comfort. Don’t forget to top each bowl with crumbly vegan bacon bits (you make your own, or these bacon bits are already vegan), roasted potato chunks, or a scoop of homemade vegan sour cream. A little shredded vegan cheese would be good as well, as well as chopped green onions.

looking down on two bowls of soup, light orange in color with sour cream and cheese, chives on top

Ingredients Needed (with substitutions)

  • Olive oil 
  • Onion and garlic 
  • Carrots 
  • Russet potatoes – Or any type of white, yellow, or red potatoes if that’s what you have at home.
  • Dried thyme – You can add in a bay leaf, oregano, or parsley if you wish.
  • Vegetable broth – Or water if needed, but broth will add more flavor.
  • Full fat coconut milk – This is the secret to this soup’s awesome creaminess! It doesn’t make the soup taste like coconut at all. If you don’t have any, use 1 cup of raw cashews and blend with a few cups of the soup instead.
  • Salt

How to Make it

You will love how easy this family-friendly soup is to make!

  1. Sauté the onion and garlic with the oil in a large soup pot on the stovetop over medium heat.
  2. Add the rest of your vegetables, thyme, and broth. Increase the heat and bring the soup to a boil. 
  3. As soon as it boils, lower the heat and simmer for about 15 minutes. It’s ready when the potatoes are fork tender. Pour in the coconut milk and add the pepper.
  4. Use a potato masher or even an immersion blender to smooth out the soup to your desired consistency. 

Season with salt to taste and serve with all the toppings!

collage of how to make the soup

Instant Pot Instructions

Begin by using Sauté mode on the Instant Pot to cook the onion and garlic in the oil for 2 to 3 minutes. Briefly turn off the Instant Pot and in add the carrots, potatoes, thyme, and vegetable broth. Stir, then secure the lid and cook on High Pressure for 9 minutes.

Release the pressure manually once it’s done, using a towel to prevent any burning. Use an immersion blender to blend the soup until it’s as smooth as you wish, and stir in the coconut milk. Season with salt and add your desired toppings! 

Crock Pot Instructions

Let your slow cooker do all the work by adding all of the ingredients (except the coconut milk and salt) into the bowl. Cook on HIGH for 4 hours or LOW for 8 hours. Once the potatoes are fork tender, go ahead and blend the soup with an immersion blender to your desired smoothness, and stir in the coconut milk. Season with salt and serve.

Tips for Success

  • When preparing the potatoes, chop them into small pieces rather than large. They’ll be easier to eat and will cook faster.
  • You don’t have to use a full can of coconut milk. You could just add a little, or half the can until the soup is as creamy as you like! It’s very customizable.
  • Pureeing the soup is optional. If you like your soup to have more texture, don’t bother blending or mashing the cooked potatoes. Personally, I like it more chunky!
  • If you don’t have an immersion blender, you can add the soup in batches to a regular blender. Alternatively, use a potato masher to mash some of the potatoes and vegetables in the pot. I prefer the potato masher!
  • Serving a crowd? Leave out small bowls with tons of toppings so your guests can customize their flavors.
  • Is the soup not thick enough? Stir in a tablespoon of all-purpose or gluten-free flour.

How to store leftovers

Leftover potato soup will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 3 days. Store the leftovers in a sealed container or in individual portions for an easy grab-and-go meal.

The soup will thicken as it cools, so go ahead and thin with a little more broth or water upon reheating. You can heat to soup in the microwave for a few minutes or over medium heat on the stovetop.

ladle holding vegan potato soup from a pot

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close up of a bowl of potato soup with lots of cheese, sour cream and bacon bits
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Easy Vegan Potato Soup

This Vegan Potato Soup is ultra creamy, comforting and ready in 30 minutes! It's best loaded with all the toppings: vegan sour cream, green onions, vegan cheese and vegan bacon bits.
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
Total: 30 minutes
Servings: 8 servings


  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 medium carrots, peeled and sliced
  • 3 pounds russet potatoes, peeled and chopped into small chunks
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 4 cups vegetable broth
  • 13.5 ounce can full fat coconut milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • salt, to taste (1/2-1 teaspoon depending on your broth)

Recommend toppings



  • Warm the olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add the onion and garlic and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Now add the carrots, potatoes, thyme and vegetable broth. Bring to a boil, then lower heat to a simmer and cook for about 15 minutes, until the potatoes are fork tender. 
  • Once the potatoes are tender, pour in the coconut milk and add the pepper. Use a potato masher to mash some of the soup, or blend some of the soup with an immersion blender until somewhat smooth. I prefer to leave a bit of chunky texture.
  • Taste, and add more salt as desired. Serve with toppings of choice and enjoy!

To make in an Instant Pot

  • Push the sauté feature on the Instant Pot. Add the olive oil, chopped onion and garlic and cook, stirring frequently, until the onion in translucent, about 2-3 minutes.
  • Briefly turn off the Instant Pot, and add the carrots, potatoes, thyme and vegetable broth. Give it a little stir, then place the lid on, seal and cook on high pressure for 9 minutes. Release pressure manually, using a towel to prevent any burning. Blend or mash as desired and add coconut milk, pepper and salt to taste.

To make in a Crock Pot

  • Add all of the ingredients except the coconut milk to the crock pot and cook on HIGH for 4 hours or LOW for 8 hours. Once the potatoes are fork tender, blend the soup with an immersion blender to desired smoothness, then stir in the coconut milk. Season with salt and serve.



  1. Try serving with crumbled tofu bacon or tempeh bacon.
  2. If you don't want to use coconut milk, you can blend a few cups of the soup with a cup of raw cashews instead for creaminess. Or omit completely for a lighter soup.
  3. Leftovers will keep in the refrigerator for about 3 days and freezes quite well if needed.


Serving: 1serving | Calories: 279kcal | Carbohydrates: 37g | Protein: 5g | Fat: 14g | Saturated Fat: 10g | Sodium: 503mg | Potassium: 921mg | Fiber: 5g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 4072IU | Vitamin C: 37mg | Calcium: 42mg | Iron: 3mg
Course: Soup
Cuisine: American
Author: Nora Taylor
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*This recipe was first published in October 2018 and has been updated to make it even more delicious!

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  1. Hi Nora, I was wondering if in your recipes you would state what type of onion to use for those of us that are not chefs :). I have not made this recipe before, but I have made many of your other recipes and have enjoyed every single one ! I decided to use a yellow onion, I’ll let you know how it turns out (although based on all of your other recipes I have used I am sure it will be fantastic even if I used the wrong type onion)!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Karen! Yes, I will specify what kind of onion, I usually do. With this soup, it doesn’t much matter, red, yellow, white or sweet will all work well. It often doesn’t matter exactly what kind of onion you use, but I most often use sweet or yellow onions. Thank you, and hope you enjoy the soup!

      1. Hi Nora,

        I LOVED the soup, so much so that the leftovers I was going to freeze for another day never made it to the freezer 😁 I had the last bowl today !
        Thank you in advance for being more specific in future recipes regarding if a specific type of onion is needed. I have seen red, yellow, and white onions, what color is a sweet onion?


        1. Sweet onions look a lot like a yellow onion but they are a bit whiter perhaps. They really can be used interchangeably with yellow or white onions, in most recipes. So glad you enjoyed the soup!

  2. I’ve made this soup several times now, including for picky guests, and it’s always more than the sum of its parts – these simple ingredients turn into something really special and delicious. Thanks for the recipe!!

    1. Thank you for your great feedback Jen! I’m so glad you are enjoying the soup, and that it is always delicious for you!

  3. I just made this as my meal prep for next week, but of course I had a taste. It’s delicious and easy to customize! I chopped in bigger pieces and then blended it in my vitamix at the end.

    1. What a great take along meal! I’m glad you love the soup! Thank you for your great feedback! Wishing you a great week!

  4. Love this soup! Delicious, comforting, and very satisfying! I made it with a light coconut milk and it still was very creamy and had plenty of body. I didn’t have much time yesterday so I cut up the potatoes and put them in a bowl of water in the fridge overnight, then I made the soup today. Came out perfect! Thank you for this great recipe!

    1. Hi Robin. I’m glad you loved the soup! Thanks for sharing your feedback and ideas! I agree, this soup is very comforting!

  5. I made this in the CrockPot today with a can of lowfat coconut milk and some lemon thyme salt. It was really excellent and hit the spot!

    1. Hi Beth. I’m so glad the soup turned out excellent for you! It sounds really amazing with the lemon thyme salt! Thank you for sharing your review and feedback!

  6. I added chopped celery to this recipe and used McKay’s Chicken Style seasoning for the broth and in place of salt to taste, used 1/2 can of full fat coconut milk and it turned out fabulous! People loved it!

  7. Absolutely delicious soup! I used light coconut milk, and I used two teaspoons of salt. I mashed only a little bit so that it was chunky, and like all of your other recipes, it is an A+!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your great review and comments! I am so glad that you loved the soup! I am thrilled that you are loving my recipes! Happy cooking!

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I am so glad you loved the soup! I appreciate you taking time to share your wonderful review and comments!

  8. Yum this was SO GOOD!!! I slow cooked it in the am for a delicious dinner last night. I followed the recipe as is, except I added a handful of cashews and spinach prior to blending and a can of corn post blend. This will definitely be in our heavy rotation. Thank you =)

    1. Hi Danielle! I’m thrilled my soup has been added to your meal rotation! Thank you for sharing your wonderful review and comments! Happy cooking!

  9. So good! We doubled it, scooped out broth and combined that with two cups of cashews in high-speed blender. So GOOD!

  10. Just made this! Used golden potatoes because It was all I had, but it turned out amazing!!

    Really filling and yummy! 

    I didn’t use any of the toppings and don’t feel like they’re needed! If you don’t have them I would still go ahead and make this recipe! 

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for sharing your wonderful review and comments! I’m glad you loved the soup! It is so filling and cozy for this time of the year!

    2. EXCELLENT! Rating from our family, tonight! Delicious comfort food at its best! No toppings on this maiden voyage, but we  are anxious to make it again soon and try those you have suggested. We split our double-batch and added ham for our non-vegan family members and EVERYONE was satisfied. Thank you for sharing. 

      1. I am so glad that you guys found the soup excellent! It sounds like you guys had a fun dinner! There are so many fun additions for this soup! Thank you for sharing your wonderful feedback, and happy cooking!

  11. Have made this maybe 15 times in the last year and safe to say it is a favorite of mine and my fiancé, who is not vegan. Super easy to make on those nights where you don’t feel like spending much time in the kitchen. 

  12. I made this today. Subbed the coconut milk for oat milk and it turned out amazing. Needless to say, my family ate the whole thing in a span of a few hours…. and they’re not even vegan. Only regrets is that that there’s no more. 

    1. Hi Abby. I’m glad the soup turned out delicious for you and your family! Thank you for sharing your great review! I hope you get to make more soup soon!

  13. This is the perfect “anytime” soup! It’s so good no matter the season or weather, there’s not a single time I’d say no to this soup. I always tend to double the batch  because I love it so much. Reheats well,  perfect for meal prep! Sometimes I blend it completely smooth, sometimes I don’t. I love mine heavy on the thyme and pepper.  I just never get tired of it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Torrie! Thank you for sharing your fun and great review! I’m glad you love the soup. I also love potato soup…it’s so satisfying! Happy cooking!

  14. Absolutely wonderful! So creamy and comforting on a dreary winter day! I made it with reduced fat coconut milk because that is what I had and it came out great too. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I have been having major food battles with my 2 and 4 year old. I made this (with their help) today and got two “YUMMMM”s at the first bite. Huge success!!! They even asked if we can make it again!

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