Learn how to make the best easy vegan crepes at home! Perfectly tender, thin and delicate. Can be paired with sweet or savory fillings.

folded vegan crepes on a plate with powdered sugar and strawberries

Crepes are one of the first things I ever learned how to cook. I was in college and didn’t know how to cook or bake AT ALL, but for some reason I had to make crepes!

These crepes are just like the ones I used to make, but vegan. They’re tender, delicate, thin and delicious with a variety of toppings/fillings.

My absolute favorite way to eat crepes is with a squirt of lemon juice, powdered sugar, berries and pure maple syrup. YUM.

3 rolled crepes with strawberries, whipped cream and powdered sugar

How to make vegan crepes

First, make your crepe batter. Whisk together the dry ingredients (flour, cornstarch, sugar, salt) then add in your wet ingredients (oil, non-dairy milk, water). Whisk until very smooth and combined. You could also use a hand mixer or put everything in a blender and blend until smooth.

Melt some vegan butter in a pan, then add about 1/3 cup of the crepe batter. Immediately lift the pan and rotate it to create a thin, round crepe.

vegan crepe in a pan cooking

Cook until the top looks fairly dry, then carefully flip and cook for 30 seconds on the other side. Remove from the pan and repeat with the rest of the batter.


  • Don’t heat the pan too hot. You want them a light golden color, but not burnt or they won’t be as pliable or foldable. Medium heat is best.
  • Use sparkling water instead of regular water if you can, this makes them even lighter and tastier! If you don’t have it, no worries regular water will work fine.
  • For best results, use a medium sized non-stick pan and definitely use vegan butter in the pan for buttery flavored crepes.

crepe in a pan flipped over cooking on second side

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Do you need a special crepe pan?

No, you really don’t need a special pan to make crepes. However, if you get really into making crepes you may want to get a crepe pan! I recommend using a non-stick pan of some kind, cast iron isn’t the best choice here.

Can crepes be made gluten free?

I haven’t tried it myself, but I think you should be able to use a quality gluten free flour blend in place of the white flour to make them gluten free. If you try it, let me know!

Sweet crepe filling ideas:

Savory crepe filling ideas:

plate of vegan crepes, folded with berries

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folded vegan crepes on a plate with powdered sugar and strawberries
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Easy Vegan Crepes

Learn how to make the best easy vegan crepes at home! Perfectly tender, thin and delicate. Can be paired with sweet or savory fillings.
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
Total: 20 minutes
Servings: 4 servings


Crepe batter

The rest

  • 2-4 tablespoons vegan butter, for the pan
  • 2-3 lemons sliced, for serving
  • 2-4 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • berries, optional for serving
  • maple syrup, for serving


  • In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, cornstarch, sugar and salt. Now add the oil, non-dairy milk and sparkling water OR regular water (sparkling water makes them even lighter, but is not necessary). Whisk well until smooth and well combined.
  • Heat a medium sized, non-stick pan to medium heat. Once hot, add a tablespoon or two of vegan butter to the pan. Once melted, add about 1/3 cup of the batter to the pan. Immediately pick up the pan and rotate it to move the batter into a thin circle.
  • Cook until the top looks fairly dry, about 2 minutes. Using a spatula, carefully flip the crepe over and cook for 30 seconds on the other side. Remove from pan and repeat with the rest of the batter.
  • Serve: My favorite way to serve crepes is by squirting a little lemon juice on the crepe, add some powdered sugar, and roll or fold. Dust with more powdered sugar and serve with fresh berries and maple syrup.


  1. If desired, you may use white whole wheat or whole wheat pastry flour instead of white flour. For gluten free, use a quality gluten free flour blend. I haven't tried this myself, but I think it would work quite well.
  2. Tapioca starch may be used in place of cornstarch.
  3. Omit the sugar for savory crepes.
  4. You can use another kind of non-dairy milk if desired, such as almond, coconut, cashew or oat milk.
  5. Other crepe serving ideas: Vegan Whipped Cream, Vegan Nutella, Vegan Caramel, non-dairy chocolate chips. For savory, try filling with tofu scramble, tempeh bacon or tofu bacon crumbles and/or cheese sauce.


Calories: 313kcal | Carbohydrates: 42g | Protein: 7g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Sodium: 214mg | Potassium: 123mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 393IU | Calcium: 82mg | Iron: 2mg
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: French
Author: Nora Taylor
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  1. beautiful light texture! I used flax milk and it had a light flavor that would’ve been fine for savory flavor too

  2. A new fave! Just like egg crepes, but better! I used plain Almond Breeze as my milk, and coconut oil. I cooked them in my nonstick wok, and didn’t need any oil or butter. I actually liked these much better than non-vegan egg crepes! These are lighter and I felt they were an easier texture to work with!! Best of all, my picky eaters loved them!! As always, Thank you, Nora!!

    1. You are welcome, Kathryn! I’m thrilled you are loving the crepes! Thanks for your fun and fantastic feedback and review!

  3. Ñora i just love your recipes, most recipes make you have to buy something new at the store, or it doesn’t turn out right, I just love that all your ingredients of always things I have at home, super easy to make and an even better finish. I use your YouTube your website and if you get an app I’m immediately downloading it! I can finally say I am a super fan😊

  4. I can’t believe how easy these were to make! Making crepes seemed really intimidating but your recipe was perfect for a beginner. They taste amazing with fresh blueberries and powdered sugar. Thank you!

    1. I am so glad you are loving my recipes! Thank you for using them, and for sharing your feedback! Glad you loved the crepes!

  5. Beautiful crepes! I highly recommend them if you love simple, quick, tasty recipes. Will definitely make them again.

  6. Another great recipe. When you say “the best ever” it really is like that. I’ve tried many recipes over the years and just believed somehow I cannot make good crepes but when I saw your version I knew I was going to try again and I’m so happy I did. Thank you Nora!

    1. You are so welcome, Anna! Your positive words are encouraging to me! Thank you for sharing your feedback, and I’m so glad you loved the crepes!

  7. I make this recipe for my kids at least once a week! I put all the ingredients in a blender but add the sparkling water at the end. These are amazing!

  8. This crepes are absolutely fantastic! I feel like they are even better than the crepes I used to make in my nonvegan days. I have made dozens of your recipes and they have never failed me!

    1. Hi Kat. I’m so glad you love the crepes! Thank you for using my recipes! I appreciate your wonderful review and feedback! Wishing you happy cooking!

  9. These look amazing! I’m hoping to make these for New Year’s Day brunch but will need to transport the empty crepes about an hour away… do you know if these can be made ahead of time? Either the night before or the morning of? If so how would you reheat slightly? 

    1. I’m sure they can be made ahead of time. The night before or the morning is fine. I might reheat them in a pan, one at a time, or even in the microwave if you want. Hope that helps, enjoy!

  10. Hi there! Looking forward to trying this recipe. I have seen on non-vegan recipes previously that letting the batter sit overnight helps to make them even better — do you know if that is true for this recipe, and if I want to make these ahead of time, are there any modifications I should make? Thanks!

    1. I haven’t found it necessary, but I guess you could try it. I never have, I just don’t have the patience lol. 🙂

  11. I just made these and they’re absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for posting this!!! I was wondering if you know how many calories would be in each crepe? 

    1. Hi Adrian. I’m glad you loves the crepes! The nutrition information is at the very bottom of the recipe. Thank you for using my recipe, and for taking time to share your great review!

  12. Love wrapping these delicious crepes around vegan egg, cheese & sausage or smeared with pumkin butter!

  13. Tried this recipe after using one with eggs and milk that didn’t work out (still a transitioning vegetarian). This recipe turned out way better, even without animal products. Loved it 🙂

      1. Tried these and really enjoyed their texture! Do you think I could make the batter ahead of time, like 12-18 hrs before I need it? I’m a French teacher, Wednesday is Chandeleur–crepe day– in France, and I want to use this recipe rather than my standard egg/milk version.

        1. Hi Meridith. I’m glad that you loved the crepes! Thank you for sharing your great review and feedback! I’ve never made the batter ahead of time, though it would probably work ok. Sounds fun! Happy cooking!

  14. These crepes are delicious! Even my non vegan family love this recipe and they always ask me to make this recipe on vacations. Thank you for this amazing recipe!

    1. Hi there!
      Would you mind sharing how many crepes you were able to get out of the original recipe? Trying to decide if I need to double or triple. Thank you!

  15. Just made these for my kiddos that have multiple food allergies. We used Oat milk. Topped with strawberry and blueberries. I got 2 thumbs up!  Thank you 

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