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close up on jackfruit tacos topped with a green avocado sauce lined up in a row.

Jackfruit Tacos

One bite of these pulled Jackfruit Tacos and you’ll be hooked! The meaty texture and smoky flavors of the perfectly seasoned jackfruit filling are...

close up on a corn tortilla topped with vegan fish, purple cabbage, and white sauce on parchment paper

Vegan Fish Tacos

These Vegan Fish Tacos are incredible! Made with crispy beer battered vegan fried fish, creamy and tangy sauce, and colorful, crisp toppings, they’re the...

close up on a corn tortilla tempeh taco topped with tomatoes and sour cream

Tempeh Tacos

These smoky and savory Tempeh Tacos are loaded with seasoned tempeh and a variety of toppings. Whip them up ahead of time for an...