Make your own fried vegan eggs in 15 minutes or less! They look like real eggs and taste incredible. If you have been missing eggs, this recipe is for you! Made with simple ingredients that are easy to find.

vegan fried egg on a piece of toast with a fork

These vegan eggs just might fool someone into thinking they are eating real eggs. They really do have that “eggy” taste and the texture of the egg white especially is spot on. The yolk is incredibly tasty, even if it doesn’t exactly replicate a real egg yolk (it comes close though!). My 12 year old PICKY son was so impressed, I think he ate five at dinner the other night!

I thoroughly enjoyed eating one on a piece of buttered toast, and it reminded me so much of eating real eggs as a child. If you miss eggs or are trying to give them up, I hope this recipe helps! Make sure you also check out my Vegan Omelette and Tofu Scramble.

Serve alongside vegan waffles, pancakes, or on a flaky biscuit with tempeh bacon.

looking down on three eggs in a cast iron pan

Ingredients you need

  • Silken firm tofu – Try to use the firm variety, not soft or extra-firm. This is the kind of tofu that comes in a vacuum pack, not regular firm tofu.
  • White rice flour – Don’t substitute anything else. I tried it with regular white flour and they did not come out well at all.
  • Cornstarch – I haven’t tried anything else, but arrowroot might work.
  • Olive oil – You just need a tablespoon.
  • Kala namak – Also known as black salt (though it’s pink), this is what really makes the “eggs” taste eggy, so don’t leave it out!
  • Regular salt
  • Water
  • Yellow mustard – for the egg yolk
  • Nutritional yeast 
  • Turmeric – mostly for color
  • Paprika

How to make fried vegan eggs

It’s actually so easy. First, blend the egg white ingredients, either using a blender or food processor. Transfer to a bowl.

Add 1/2 cup of the egg white mixture back to the blender, along with the yolk ingredients and blend. Place egg yolk mixture in a smaller bowl.

This is simply an overview, see recipe card below for the complete printable recipe.

two bowls on black background, one with white mixture, the other with yellow

Melt some refined coconut oil (for no coconut taste) or vegan butter over medium heat in a large pan. Make sure to use either cast iron or a quality non-stick pan.

Scoop 1/4 cup of the egg white mixture and pour into the pan, leaving a little hole in the middle if possible. In the hole, place a tablespoon of the yolk. Cook for 2-3 minutes, then carefully flip and cook for 1 more minute. Transfer to a plate, continue with the batter until all the eggs are made and enjoy!

uncooked white fried eggs in a pan with a yolk

Tips for success

  • Egg yolk – The vegan egg yolk is medium firm and not runny, which is how I personally like it. If you’d rather have a runny yolk, try this recipe for Vegan Egg Yolk from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken. It looks amazing!
  • Be careful as the “eggs” are quite fragile when they are cooking. Use a very thin spatula to get all the underneath the egg before flipping, similar to real fried eggs.
  • Please don’t use a pan that is prone to making ingredients stick. A well oiled cast iron pan works well, or non-stick. For me, stainless steel pans always cause tofu recipes to stick, so I avoid them.
  • Don’t substitute any ingredients or amounts for best results. I’m all for experimenting, but if you make changes here I can’t guarantee the results!

close up of cooked vegan eggs on a pan

What goes with fried vegan eggs

Whip up an incredible vegan brunch with any of the following recipes:

a fork cutting a vegan egg on toast

square image of an egg on toast
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Fried Vegan Eggs

Make your own fried vegan eggs in 15 minutes or less! They look like real eggs and taste incredible. If you have been missing eggs, this recipe is for you! Made with simple ingredients that are easy to find.
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 5 minutes
Total: 15 minutes
Servings: 12 eggs


Egg whites

Egg yolk

  • 1/2 cup of the egg white mixture
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt *or more kala namak
  • 1/2 teaspoon yellow mustard
  • 4 tablespoons nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1/4 teaspoon paprika


  • Prepare the egg whites: Drain any liquid from the tofu package, then add tofu to a blender, along with all the egg white ingredients. Blend until smooth, scraping down the sides as needed. Transfer the mixture to a bowl, scraping out all the last bits from the blender.
  • Prepare the yolk: To the blender, add back 1/2 cup of the egg white mixture, along with the rest of the yolk ingredients. Blend until smooth, then transfer to a small bowl. You can also just whisk the egg yolk mixture in a bowl if your blender is large and it won’t blend.
  • Place the egg white and yolk bowls close to the stovetop and get out a 1/4 cup measuring cup and a tablespoon for measuring. Heat a large cast iron (or other quality pan) over medium heat. Do not use a pan that is prone to sticking, cast iron or non-stick is best. Add a few tablespoons of refined coconut oil or vegan butter and let it coat the pan. 
  • Scoop 1/4 cup of the egg white batter and pour it into the pan but leave a little hole in the middle, if possible, and use a spatula to make it fairly flat and thin. In the hole, place 1 tablespoon of the “yolk” mixture. If there is no hole, it’s okay, just place it somewhere near the middle. 
  • Fit as many eggs as possible in the pan without touching. Let them cook on one side for 2-3 minutes, until nearly cooked through the top, then use a thin spatula to carefully flip the eggs over and cook for another minute. They will be fragile, so make sure to use a very thin spatula, get all the way under each egg and then flip carefully.
  • Transfer the cooked eggs to a plate, cover with foil to keep warm and continue until you have used all the batter. It should make about 12 eggs. Serve immediately with toast and jam, and maybe a side of tempeh bacon or breakfast potatoes. Enjoy!


  1. Kala namak (or black salt) is essential for making these vegan eggs taste "egg-like". I wouldn't leave it out unless you absolutely have to.
  2. I haven't tried them with anything but silken firm tofu. If you use silken extra firm, you may need to add more water to make it a thinner batter. I'm not sure how soft silken would work either. I would not use regular firm tofu, it's way too thick.
  3. While I am all about experimenting, this recipe is a bit picky so follow the ingredients and instructions exactly for best results. If you substitute with anything, I can't guarantee it will work.
  4. Leftover "eggs" will keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, simply re-warm in the microwave, stovetop or toaster before enjoying.


Serving: 1of 12 eggs | Calories: 66kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 2g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 198mg | Potassium: 107mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 21IU | Calcium: 9mg | Iron: 1mg
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Author: Nora Taylor
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  1. I made this again today. I bought the soft Tofu because I didn’t have the recipe in front of me so I couldn’t remember which type of silken tofu.
    I messed up some of the ingredients/quantities for the “egg” white but it actually turned out ok. I used a little bit more of the rice flower & a little bit less of the water so the whites could be thicker.

  2. This recipe is delicious. I make it all the time following the recipe exactly, except I do not do the yellow middle. I just add nutritional yeast, turmeric, and other spices to taste.
    I freeze this and microwave it for quick breakfast sandwiches.
    Tonight I didn’t have enough rice flour. I substituted 1/4 cup of the rice flour for besan (chickpea flour). So 1/4 cup white rice flour, and a 1/4 cup besan. It worked well! Slightly different flavor but it worked in a pinch. It stayed together the exact same as when I have followed the recipe to a T. Next time I will try all besan flour just to experiment. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing, Paige! I’m so glad the “eggs” worked out for you 🙂 Thanks for your wonderful feedback and review!

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